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The I Love Michigan® is a registered trademarked collection of Petoskey Stone Jewelry.

Petoskey Stones are an actual coral that lived 350 million years ago during the Devonian age. During this time, northern Michigan was covered by a warm sea. The living coral thrived on plankton which grew abundantly in this sea environment.

The name Petoskey is from an Indian chief named Pet-O-Sega.

Pet-O-Sega means “Rays of the Rising Sun”. The center, or eye of the stone, symbolizes the sun and the lines [tentacles], are the rays that radiate from the sun. The State of Michigan adopted the Petoskey as it’s state stone in 1965.

April Francene Designs Petoskey Stones are found along the shores of Lake Michigan and then each one is delicately polished and drilled by hand.

Each Petoskey Stone is a unique and beautiful treasure ...just as we are as individuals. I hope you will enjoy your treasure and

savor the history and legend of this amazing stone.

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Studio: 248.360.8470 or Cell: 248.496.7782

Email: AprilFranceneDesigns@gmail.com

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